God still has a plan for you…

“GOD STILL HAS A PLAN FOR YOU” – I have been hearing this song for a very long time. It did make a great impression on the first hearing itself.
This song narrates the life and feeling of elders who think that all their life purpose is over with all the responsibilities done. But the song with its simple words declares our purpose will not get fade until our soul leaves this world.
It is not that it is written for only elders but also for other younger adults who think everything is over after a failure or facing some disappointments in life. Always remember God Still has a plan for you.
“Don’t count the fleeting sunsets,
Start living in a moment,
Cause young or old, you’re still a price
This treasure he can use”
You blink your eyes and suddenly you realize all your life has changed and if we have time to stand before a mirror and ask, Is my life fulfilling the purpose on the life run? We will see thousands of questions and answers following the one small question.
This song has all the answers for all the doubts and questions.


You blink your eyes
And suddenly, the kids have grown and gone
Pictures echo memories
Filling up the empty house
Everybody’s busy getting on
With their own lives
It can feel like you’re forgotten
Like you’ve been left behind

God still has a plan for you
Even though you feel
Sometimes your better days are through
As long as you’re still here
There’s still a work for you to do
God still has a plan for you

Lookin’ in a mirror
Do you see a stranger’s eyes?
Searchin’ for the ‘you’,
You were before the years flew by
‘Thankful for each blessing
And the wisdom in the gray
Wondering if your purpose
Was fulfilled in yesterday

Don’t count the fleeting sunsets
Start living in a moment
‘Cause young or old, you’re still a price
This treasure He can use

Let your purpose be fulfilled!!!!

Let there be love and happiness – happy new year 2014

New Year 2014

Today, earth has completed one of its journeys of revolving around the sun at a speed of 30km/s covering a distance of 940 million km approximately in 365.26 solar days. For the past thousands of years the earth was repeating the same old journeys. It never stopped. It is a wonder for us yet it is the way of leading its life. We always zoom in our very own lives, our own happiness, our own problems, our own relationships and much more of our very owns. We forget to zoom out our position on this universe. If we do that, we would find us to nothing. But out of all the philosophies, we have a special purpose to be on earth that is to be a blessing to us and our surroundings making the world a better place to live in.

New Year, a special set of hopes is up. We cannot expect every good thing to happen in the coming year but we can hope for one.

Last year, this time I was at my home with my mom and sister hoping for a better year to come. This year I am married and now the moment is with my husband. I have my own family with a new set of friends, relatives and relationships; a new way of life with new perspective; new thinking. Not to forget the travels in adding flavors to our interests – trip to Maldives, road trip inside Karnataka and Tamilnadu was good. Thankfully I was still up writing my blog now and then as it motivated me in everything I do.

Does it all life has? How many changes does life bring in one single year!!! Overall it is all good and it does bring happiness.

One whole year is over. The year had been a year of learning – a year with a mixed range of thoughts and feelings. A year of pain, a year of solitude, a year with Mom and sister, a year of teaching, a year of learning, a year of love, a year to be loved, a year that I got wedded to an amazing soul on earth, a year of hope, a year of comfort, a year of understanding, a year of accepting, a year of knowing self and much more.

2013 was a blessing to me and my family. It is the year that our long day dream of building a new high school has come true and laid the foundation but missing someone who really cared, wished and worked hard for that. Life without dad is tough not only for the mom but also for the children; not only for the young but also for the grown-ups. Yes, we are grown up; we are independent yet in many situations we miss you badly. With lots of hope and prayer we enter into a new year and we wish to add more meaning to the life you lived.

2013 is almost dead except the memories and 2014 is born to be lived to ponder a new set of memories. Thank God for the year 2013 and the new year to come.

Couldn’t believe how the days have flown. The year 2014 is going to be the same. This year is going to be more special as it has much more special things to see. Planning on different things on my entrepreneurship, writing, reading, singing, travelling and much more and this blog is going witness everything I attempt.

Readers, Thank you for all the support and encouragement and hoping for the continued support in the New Year too.

Wishing you all a very happy new year 2014!!!

It’s time for Christmas story

Christmas tree adored with shining stars, blinking lights, glistening candy cane, tiny stockings, glitter embellished snowflakes, glazing  ball hangings, wreaths, pine cone, frosted snowmen, saxophone, drums, swirly whimsical stars and trees, angels, reindeer, plum cake, bells and not to forget the Santa Claus … What are all reminding of? Yes, Tis the season to be jolly and it’s about Christmas; about Jesus and about the cross.

Though it is very famous in western countries, it is the season to be jolly for Indians too. The celebration actually starts from the first of December. This year the first of the joyful month fell on Sunday and it looked sparkling to see the church decorated with Christmas trees.

We have decorated our home too with Christmas tree with all those beautiful accessories, a lighted star outside home and a manger scene set-up to celebrate the season. This year it is going to be more special for me as I am going to celebrate with my husband at my home town with my family.

The good news for the celebration is about the birth of Jesus Christ from the womb of the Virgin Mary, got delivered in a manger because there was no room for them in the inn. He was born to save the world, to live a life in earth and to shed his blood for our sins. He is the saviour. And it is a joy celebrating his birth remembering all his love, forgiveness, grace and sacrifice.

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Above all, there is another story about Christmas to be told. It is the story about the cross. It seems the coming Christmas day is going to be the usual day for the carols singing the same list of Christmas songs hark the heralds, we three kings, what child is this, Mary did you know, little drummer boy, hark how the bells, while shepherds watch their flock, carol of the bells, silent night, jingle bells and much more. It is going to be yet another usual Christmas with usual singing and usual decorations, usual celebrations and usual of everything.

Of course, it gives us joy singing the carols, decorating the home, having a happy get together with family and attending the midnight service. It is all good.

But, every time we celebrate the Christmas we are reminded of the good news not only about the birth of Jesus Christ but also about his coming for the second time to the world. Yes, Christmas is not just about the trees, the Santa Claus, the celebrations but about the cross.

In search of the mystified reals..


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