Nashta at Guptaji’s Family

I hail from south India and I must admit that I am not a big fan of corn flakes as like the other major south Indian crowd. My breakfast menu has always been following the strict menu of Idli, Dosa, Pongal, Poori, Upma, Puttu ( Since my in-laws have a kerala touch), adai, aapam etc.

To be frank, I have had corn flakes for breakfast only once with hot milk. Since my taste buds are used to the usual south Indian flavours I wasn’t craving for one more try. So I just left it. After all, Who cares if I didn’t eat corn flakes?

Somewhere in the brain, some nerves has the message that corn flakes is made for lazy singles who doesn’t want to cook and eat. Ad films in TV has conveyed me one more thing that if you want to loose wait eat corn flakes for breakfast daily. Awww !!!! that’s more like fasting.

In simple words, i thought corn flakes is exclusively made for the lazy singles and diet freaks until I saw this Facebook page –

Being a food lover, I couldn’t resist myself scrolling up and down, down and up through the recipes listed there in facebook page. It was absolutely thrilling and totally surprising to see so much of eating and recipes for everyone made with love and some kellogg’s corn flakes.

Watch this :

Oh, is this the one I hated so far. How did I ever missed this so far? This was the thought that was running in my mind when I had look at over 100s of Guptaji’s family recipes using Kellogg’s.

If you have a sweet tooth, Best Tiffin Wala Nashta (cornflakes coconut ladoos) is just enough to blow all of your taste buds. Of course, there are too much to count on for everybody out there. There are more Crunchy, chocolaty, salty, sweet, milky, spicy recipes made with corn flakes listed which surely will kindle the hunger in you. From now, these food enter the favourite food list.

first crush wala nashta

There is always contradiction on healthy foods that healthy foods are not always tasty and tasty foods are not always healthy. But here comes the Guptaji family recipes with Kellogg’s corn flakes where healthy and tasty are blended together. This family has all the secrets to attract every foodie out there with the kellogg’s waale nashta.

I would definitely love to visit Guptaji’s family to taste the “Nakhare Wala Nashta (chapatti cornfalke chivda)” – one of my favourite recipes of Guptaji’s family.

Nakhare wala Nashta

If you are the one who would have never tried corn flakes or the one who wouldn’t have much interest for corn flakes , try the cornflakes recipes in their Facebook page. I am sure you would fall in love with corn flakes and I bet you will love to visit Guptaji’s family for the Nashta.

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Singapore – The Takeaway Food Haven

Singapore – The Asia’s tiny dot. It is the second smallest country in Asia. It might look as a tiny dot in the map but it is the country known for it’s tourism(and it’s huge revenue).The Lion city has everything; the culture, the people, the luxury, the entertainment, the cleanliness, the crime-less and when it comes to Food, Singapore is on the top with huge choices of Food around the world at an affordable price. I meant affordable as “CHEAP”.

Singapore sees around 15 million visitors from all over the world i.e approx thrice the rate of its own population. Ref : Department of Statistics Singapore. Available from: <;. [17 Feb 2015]. The number indicates something special more than just tourism; it is about it’s hospitality and it’s Food – The Takeaways. It has been the food provider for the millions of visitors. That’s the reason it’s called “The Takeaway Haven”.


Being a travel Expert in one of the top travel players in India, I sell Singapore packages and I get reviews from the travellers who visited Singapore. Apart from Universal Studio, Sentosa, Singapore Zoo, Night safari, Botanical Garden , there are much more attraction in Singapore which attract the tourists at the most. Out of them, Food takes the place in mopping off the traveller’s heart. Visit

# 3 Main reasons why Singapore Food is loved by Indians

  • Singapore is so filled with takeaway Food stalls where you find loads of varieties at a cheaper price.
  • You can find Indian restaurants / Food courts anywhere and everywhere around Singapore name anything whether it’s South Indian, Chettinad, Punjabi, North Indian, Gujarati or Hyderabadi, you will find it there.

  • Not just Indian but also the other world’s famous cuisines. In simple words, Singapore is a one-stop destination for all the food lovers.

What do I love the most? Singapore Chilli crab!! Can’t resist taking eyes off!!

My favorite Food is Crab. Eating crab is not as simple as you think. It needs more energy and some effort. It is more like a surgery and I call Crab eating as an art. I love crabs in any from cooked; Crab fry, crab pepper fry, Crab curry, Chettinad crab curry; all gets queued at the top of my favorite food list. Out of them Chilli crab wins the first place in the queue. Though my husband is allergic to Crab I never worried for cooking and eating crabs alone. I love cooking and serving crab for others, equally.

One day, I cooked crab curry for my sister-in-law’s family. It was the very first crab curry I cooked after wedding. It tasted good and spicy (as I wanted it to be) and they all loved it too.

The next time when I went to my sister-in-law’s  place, She gave me the “Singapore chilli crab” fridge magnet which was bought from Singapore as a present in return for the crab curry remembrance. Was really surprised to receive a Fridge magnet which was also my favorite. Every time I see this magnet, I get that temptation for trying it at Singapore. No doubt it has already entered my favorite crab recipe list.

singapore chilli crab

I wish to visit Singapore soon for many reasons. Out of which, trying Singapore Chilli Crab come in the first few to-dos.


A simple smile of my little charm is simple enough to make me happy

I am a new mom; mom of a 5 month old little charm, Elsa. It is a treat watching babies. Watching babies while they sleep is a much more special treat which make us happy in no moment. When she was all new to me, I had constantly looked at her for hours together just to see that accidental smile on her cute little face.

A smile on my little girl’s face is worth watching more than anything in the whole universe. I feel I am all accomplished. They say babies smile when they sleep because they see God in their dreams. May be!! God might need some happiness which he could ask for and get it from babies smiles.

From her birth till now, my little girl’s little smile have always bought instant happiness on me. Recently, She has now started laughing at people. She laughs at the funny sounds like bow bow, meow meow, maaaa maaa, baaah baaah etc. She is in more love with animal sounds than those human noises.

It is my new job to find new ways everyday to make her smile and laugh not just to make her happy but also that makes me happy eventually .

Today, I was sitting beside her and was doing some funky stuffs on my blog as usual. It was her time for sleep. I somehow managed(forced) to make her asleep. She did sleep for 15 mins and then woke up hearing a noise by the road side. She didn’t want to sleep further. All her heart was up for a playtime. Again I tried to put her into sleep mode but she refused after all that non-stop singing for about 30 mins. I grew tired and she was up with much more enthusiasm. I gave up my mind. I lost the battle of putting her asleep and she won as always.

I pretended scolding her. I know she wouldn’t have understood what I said but she was happy that I was speaking to her. She giggled at me after all the pretended strict talks. She giggled at me again and again. I couldn’t pretend anymore. I burst into laughter. She laughed back. I laughed and she did back the same. It was fun; it was an absolute joy. I call it as “happiness – the instant happiness”.

People do greater things on earth just for the single reason “happiness” on us and on others. A man buys a bunch of roses for his love just to bring her some happiness; a mom does everything what she could do just to make her child happy; a dad takes his child on a ride just to see his child flying in colors with happiness; a stranger smiles at the person who is crossing the busy road just to spread some love and happiness. Happiness is everywhere around in small deeds.

To me, a simple smile of my little charm is simple enough to make me happy.

Inspired by the Coca-cola International day of happiness ad. visit