Elsa’s birth

It was a Sunday and I had just completed 33 weeks on the very same day. October 12th 2014, I have got a precious unexpected gift from god. I was supposed to be smiling and jumping with joy but I mourned and was still without words. The before day (Saturday)night I had dinner and unusually had a long chat till 12 am with mom and sister after a very long time and hit the bed for some deserved sleep at 12:20 am. A pregnant woman will only know the intricacies of sleeping (can only sleep by left side which improves blood flow for the baby inside and other positions are not advisable). Somehow I tried and was entering a comfort sound sleep mode but before I got the urge of going to toilet. It was at 1:10 am. I didn’t want to break the sleep mode but the urge grew faster and I stepped down the bed carefully. As soon as I got down I realized that my water bag broke but was not sure that it was the water bad actually got broke. I didn’t really wish to enter labor with just 33 weeks completion.

Though I know it was a water bag rupture, I wished to fool myself with some other silly reasons with the internet searches. I saw nothing in google; I couldn’t read but just type in the search bar; I went blank.

I woke my mom to tell the complication. She didn’t bother initially since she never expected that action at 33 weeks. She just convinced me that it could be some other issue. I was not prepared. I had no hospital bags ready for myself and for my baby.

Immediately we drove to the nearest clinic. We reached and knocked the door. A nurse came and opened the door slowly (I meant slowly, since I was in such an urge not even ready to spare few seconds of delay and got furiously worried) . She asked us to wait till the doctor comes. It was not just my water bag broken but also me. Those few minutes of wait there in the clinic was distressing. I didn’t cry but kept silence with thousands of thoughts provoking me with thousand reasons of finding what it could be and what next.

And every second, I was very intensive and conscious in checking out for some movements inside tummy. I had felt few now and then movements here and there which convinced and calmed me for a while. Meanwhile, a nurse came and checked the heart beat of the baby. I could hear those horse legs running fast to reach the destination. I was calm. I knew, it was finally her time to come out.

Finally, the doctor came. She checked me and told that I had dilated just 1cm and she advised for a cesarean as early as possible in one of the city hospital which had a good neonatal intensive care. Except the water bag rapture, I had no pain, no contractions and no other difficulties. My pressure was normal. I was so normal. I didn’t even sense anything painful.

We drove to the city hospital for an hour by the time it was 2:30am. The one hour travel. None of us speak nothing. I didn’t want that silence and I asked the driver to play some music. He was a Christian and he played one of my favorite gospel song which comforted me more. I took the travel time to prepare myself for the unexpected happening to react calmly. I missed my husband badly. If he were there, I would have felt more comforted but still I had hope.

We reached the city hospital and I was admitted in the emergency ward. Doctor came and advised to go for a cesarean at 10 am and I was getting prepared for it. We waited till 6 am to convey the news to my in-laws. I called my husband first and told what happened. He must have felt shocked. He tried to act normal but I could hear those fainted words. He had hope and was positive too. Of course a daddy is a daddy.

Every 15 minutes they checked my pressure and baby’s heartbeat. Everything was normal. Since it was a Sunday (cleaning day) no theatre was available so the operation was postponed to 4 pm. I was losing all the fluids and my baby’s heart beat rate also slowed down gradually from 140-138-136-134-132-130 to 128. I was so filled with fear and I felt so lost. I just prayed for my baby and I begged God that I want to see my little charm without any issues. The doctors immediately arranged for the operation and it was preponed to 2:30 pm.

I was all dressed up; went inside the operation theatre for the very first time. Got anesthesia; my lower body went numb and I still could see and hear around. I felt the cut and I heard my baby crying. Finally, my baby has seen the world. I waited all these 33 weeks and I was supposed to wait few more weeks but after I heard my baby’s cry I couldn’t wait even a second to see her. The doctor showed my little charm to me and said “It’s a girl”.


She was beautiful and I fell in love at first sight with her and every day I love her more. She was quiet normal and was in NICU for 7 days. Between my husband flew back from Auckland within 3 days. My tears were waiting to see him too. I didn’t cry until I see him. I acted strong. And it was the moment of breaking down when I saw him. I didn’t speak but cry pouring out all the anxieties. I felt so relieved and comforted.

She is a true angel sent from above. She made my life more meaningful. My life is happier than ever before with her. I love her more and more every day. She is my little charm.

We named her Elsa. I now feel fulfilled.

Now a Mom.


Asus Zenfone 2 – Redefine your smart phone experience

I have been a fan follower of Zen thoughts, Zen philosophy and Zen moments. To me, Zen was just about “the way of living” untill I come across Asus Zenfone. Actually, Zen is about living, experiencing and relishing the world at your finger tips. I call these days as an era of smart phones.

We have so much to choose when it comes to smart phones. We have to be smart too. India was first caught with Nokia. When Facebook got popular, the number of smartphone users grew eventually. India’s growth in ecommerce and the increase in social network users welcomed in more smartphone choices both luxury and affordable.

If you have 5k INR, you can have a smart phone that satisfies basic needs. If you can afford, you have the option for high end phones. Is there anything in between?? A high end phone at an affordable price? Between luxury and basic? The answer is “YES”.

We have a good news. The affordable high end phone is getting released in India.

Where does Asus Zenfone 2 wins? – The 5 reasons


There are few more aspects to be checked when we decide to buy a phone. The design, display screen, battery life, the weight, the length , the breadth and the width etc. It has a cool design with hair line finishing and it is sleek with . It has a 5.5 inch high definition display touch screen and has an expandable storage up to 64 GB.


Asus Zenphone 2 is the world’s first smartphone with 4 GB RAM and 2.3 GHz Quad core processor which is perfect for gaming and multi tasking. Is n’t it amazing? It has a high speed performance. Most votes goes here.


Mobile camera has become an essential these days. Asus Zenfone 2 has the Camera, 13MP rear and 5MP front – more Quality photos, audio and videos. It has a low light mode with which you can zoom in and picture anything in the low light without the flash lights.


Latest it is!!
Latest Android v5.0 Lollipop operating sysytem, dual sim feature, 2.3 GHz Quad core processor and the long hours battery back up are the key factors where Asus Zenfone 2 win the choices. Latest of all takes the votes.

What is affordable? Getting high for what we pay. Samsung, Iphone, Nexus, Microsoft play a giant role in the luxury mobile category whereas there are few other players like Motorola, Samsung, Microsoft are introducing low cost smart phone with basic needs like whatsapping, facebooking, play candy crush saga, listening music and a camera for sure both front and rear.

For affordability, we might compromise one or few but what if we get everything at a lesser price that is less than half of other high end smart phones cost. It is a boon, right!! Asus Zenfone 2 has it all and it is getting released in India on 23rd April, 2015. Don’t miss the buy.

Photo credit: http://www.asus.com/Phones/ZenFone_2_ZE551ML/

My first gift to my little girl

Giving birth is a magical thing. It is not just a thing that happen in a day it is all about a long wait with dreams spread all over inside every moment. Holding the little wonder in the hands for the very first time is something beyond miracles. No mother can resist her tears – the big relief after a toughest moment of fear.

All the days of connection with my daughter inside my womb, I have had uncountable dreams everyday. I didn’t know whether it was a girl or a boy. I was curious. Actually, a little more curious.

when it was the time for unveiling the secret, I couldn’t wait even a minute more. I was that excited. I delivered. It was a girl – a true Angel she was. She looked graceful. She seemed like an angel; she is still an angel and she will be throughout. I still can’t frame the moment when I delivered my girl. I still couldn’t recall the very moment and my thoughts on the moment when I was inside the surgery room.

I was blank and all blank except one thing – my baby. It was an emergency delivery, I had faith that my baby will do fine. I had no doubts on that. She was born and she added happiness everyday. Every morning is a fresh start with her. I see grace and love in her eyes. Especially, those deep looks on me, simply I can’t hold my hands off her. I’ll grab her immediately and will kiss her.

Since her birth, I have watched her every moment. I know all about her, her sleeps, her needs, her hungers, her signs, her smiles, her cries, her laughs and her looks. I say everything and I mean everything.

I really wished to buy something for her. A dress may be!

After her birth, I had become a full-time mother – I haven’t left her away for a moment. I bath her. I change her diapers. I dress her up and I do everything on my own for her. I haven’t left those things to others including my mom.

Whenever I dress her, I have had this feeling that I couldn’t get her any gift on my own. I wanted to buy her dresses. Means, I really wished to go for shopping, where I can touch, feel and buy what looks good on her and what is good for her.
I had undergone a cesarean and I was slowly recovering. I was not allowed outside for shopping and all of my little girl’s dresses where either a gift or the ones bought by our family members and not even a single of mine was there for her.
I couldn’t go out leaving her at home and I didn’t want to hurt her taking out for shopping. I waited and the longing was there everyday. Of course, I had the online shopping option. It is super privilege. But still, I felt I should go out and get something in my hands for my little charm.

After 3 months, I managed to leave my little girl at home for an hour. My in-laws resisted me from going for shopping. They even tried to stop me saying that they would buy whatever I need. I told them that I wish buy some gift for my daughter on my own.

I drove the bike after a year long gap for my daughter. I was happy actually very happy. I went to the shop – the shop exclusively had baby products. I did shopping. I touched those dresses. I imagined how would it look on my little girl. I was able to get her what I wished for. The colors and the texture of the material, I checked almost everything not because I am buying stuffs but because it was for my little girl, that too my first gift for her. It may not be the best but it is special.

Coming home, I showed everything to my little charm. I know she doesn’t know anything about it. She was just 3 months old. She just smiled. She smiled not for I bought her gifts but for a simple reason that I showed her some colors and I was talking with her. That time, she loved only colors. Her smile made me fly at heights with so much of joy.

The next day, I dressed up with all that I bought. She looked beautiful; even more beautiful. I clicked pictures. In 3 words, I was happy.

Buying the first gift for my daughter was the most beautiful moment in my life ever. I call it happiness – The pursuit of happiness.

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Nashta at Guptaji’s Family

I hail from south India and I must admit that I am not a big fan of corn flakes as like the other major south Indian crowd. My breakfast menu has always been following the strict menu of Idli, Dosa, Pongal, Poori, Upma, Puttu ( Since my in-laws have a kerala touch), adai, aapam etc.

To be frank, I have had corn flakes for breakfast only once with hot milk. Since my taste buds are used to the usual south Indian flavours I wasn’t craving for one more try. So I just left it. After all, Who cares if I didn’t eat corn flakes?

Somewhere in the brain, some nerves has the message that corn flakes is made for lazy singles who doesn’t want to cook and eat. Ad films in TV has conveyed me one more thing that if you want to loose wait eat corn flakes for breakfast daily. Awww !!!! that’s more like fasting.

In simple words, i thought corn flakes is exclusively made for the lazy singles and diet freaks until I saw this Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/anaajkanashta

Being a food lover, I couldn’t resist myself scrolling up and down, down and up through the recipes listed there in facebook page. It was absolutely thrilling and totally surprising to see so much of eating and recipes for everyone made with love and some kellogg’s corn flakes.

Watch this : https://www.youtube.com/user/kelloggindia.

Oh, is this the one I hated so far. How did I ever missed this so far? This was the thought that was running in my mind when I had look at over 100s of Guptaji’s family recipes using Kellogg’s.

If you have a sweet tooth, Best Tiffin Wala Nashta (cornflakes coconut ladoos) is just enough to blow all of your taste buds. Of course, there are too much to count on for everybody out there. There are more Crunchy, chocolaty, salty, sweet, milky, spicy recipes made with corn flakes listed which surely will kindle the hunger in you. From now, these food enter the favourite food list.

first crush wala nashta

There is always contradiction on healthy foods that healthy foods are not always tasty and tasty foods are not always healthy. But here comes the Guptaji family recipes with Kellogg’s corn flakes where healthy and tasty are blended together. This family has all the secrets to attract every foodie out there with the kellogg’s waale nashta.

I would definitely love to visit Guptaji’s family to taste the “Nakhare Wala Nashta (chapatti cornfalke chivda)” – one of my favourite recipes of Guptaji’s family.

Nakhare wala Nashta

If you are the one who would have never tried corn flakes or the one who wouldn’t have much interest for corn flakes , try the cornflakes recipes in their Facebook page. I am sure you would fall in love with corn flakes and I bet you will love to visit Guptaji’s family for the Nashta.

Image source : https://www.facebook.com/anaajkanashta