Why do we need histories?


From my school days, I was not very well interested in history as many. Even today students show least interest in histories. Some say the books itself are already are the past histories then why do we need history separately. I even had the same thought. But my recent read revealed me the practical facts about histories. The book was about the history of management – The evolution of management thoughts by Daniel a. wren. The answer for my question “Why do we need history?” was there in few sentences.

“Today is not like yesterday, nor will tomorrow be like today; yet today is a synergism of all our yesterdays, and tomorrow will be the same.”

I felt the phrase has loads of messages for everyone. All I learnt is each day counts. Our very tomorrows may not be in our hands but every today is ours which will be counted for our tomorrows. It took me 25 years to know the need for histories. That’s why history subject is declared to be the compulsory subject for students till 10th class. Teach and provoke the quest in knowing histories to your children. They will know the value of today and they will make histories. Soon will post a review. Wish you a happy today!!!!

11 thoughts on “Why do we need histories?

  1. I never cared for history when I was young, but now I thrive on it. Some has repeated, because we do not learn from it, but much of it is just amazing. It goes a long way to explaining why things are the way they are today. Love that quote!
    (Thanks for visiting me today!)

    • Thank you for visiting mine!!! I think the quest for histories grow as we get older.. :) Loved your life with your pets!! and your writing tooo..

  2. So true. I too hated history in school but later on realized how men, women and events shaped up every eon of what and how we are today. Our today’s are tomorrows history! Loved reading this one.

    • One more thing we hated histories because we were taught histories as a subject not as a mean for all that we are today..Thank you for visiting my blog!!

    • Thank you Priya!! Rightly said!! The histories are of course mysteries untold. I will stay in touch but not in FB as I don’t have one..:)

  3. “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” That’s how it is. I don’t expect people to know every detail but one should have basic knowledge of history..

  4. I love history. Recently, a friend of mine in Mumbai sent me a picture near where she lives. One of the buildings was that of Spanish Colonial architecture. I told her we have many buildings here in San Diego that look like the one in the picture. It was just interesting to know that even from thousand of miles away, there are similarities in the histories between the US and india.

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