Life definition Justified – In a 10 year old girl’s view

“Grown-ups never understand anything for themselves, and it is tiresome for children to be always and forever explaining things to them.” — Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Being a Sunday school teacher, I always feel great and overwhelmed to be present in the midst of children and just about all the time I lay emphasis on their thinking. And sometime I even feel panic to look at the big accountability I have in responding all of their hypothetical questions.

This post is just a narration about a discussion that happened in a Sunday school classroom. It was a usual Sunday with unusual thoughts ascending up to the sky. We were doing some activities and the children were exhibiting their thoughts. During the discussion, I uttered a puzzled word “Life” and all of a sudden I got a question from one of the children.

The question was “What is Life?”

Though I had no straight answers, I tried to remember all the “Life” quotes and forward messages and explained it to pretend as if I am the teacher who knows everything as every other teacher does.

I was not at all convinced at the reply and she was not convinced too.

In no minute, she disregarded my explanations and again popped up the same question with a little more urge.

“What is Life, really?”

This time I couldn’t escape the gun point. I had no other go rather pretending busy. I deliberated a moment and I stepped out of the classroom with a puzzled mind of solving the unjustified, unanswered question. The question has now became my own. I had tried every possible answer. No answer persuaded me. So I was in demand to find my own definition with the clear justification in a way that 10 year old kid understands it. I also knew I couldn’t escape from facing the same girl the next week without the answer for her question.

Finally, a thought hit my mind and felt it justified too.  Something fastened me to share this thought with you, my fellow bloggers hoping it would help you explain your kid too.

Here it is:

“Life is a period of time given to every individual to live happily and to reform this world into a better living place”.

Let me justify it now:

When I was thinking about this, I had thought about my dad’s life and his forefather’s life. The common thing that I found is they ate; they worked; they built houses; they acquired wealth; they got married; they had children; and they had left it for their children. So, what was new in everyone’s life? No big difference except a little. They had made changes in our lives. We are living a better life than theirs. A gradual change had happened through generations and it will happen through us to our fore coming generations too.

So as per the definition we are given a period of time to live in this beautiful world in which we inherit everything from our previous generations with some more added attributes and we leave it for our generations with some more added attributes. We just add values to make it simple.


And this beautiful quote says it all,

“Where I was born and where and how I have lived is unimportant. It is what I have done with where I have been that should be of interest.” ~ D.L. Moody

Finally I left the room pleading them not to ask more questions to this poor teacher since I could sense their mind which they were about to ask “who gave the life?” and “why was it given?”.

Hope it is justified and would be really happy if I get to know your thoughts on the post. You have all the possibilities of leaving your thoughts here in the below commenting track.

Thank you for stopping by!!

4 thoughts on “Life definition Justified – In a 10 year old girl’s view

    • Thank you for the appreciating thought!! Kids are kids!! They teach us valuable things for life and I believe their questions make us think and redefine our perspective thoughts..

  1. There are said to be 3 great questions:
    Who/what am I?
    What is this universe? (Life/existence?)
    What is the relationship between the two?

    These questions occur quite naturally to children, but as we age it is as if our access to awe and wonder diminishes until in old age dementia can set in and almost every contact with the here and now can be lost.

    The cell is common to all life forms.

    Science has done much to open our eyes to natural law, but mysteries remain. Perhaps they too will be susceptible to rationality eventually but I suspect that there will always be room for mystery. And maybe life or self-conscious existence will ever be so.

    It is possible to remain with the awe and wonder, or, if one must, one can opt for one of the many religions’ different answers to the child’s question but I suspect that any self-respecting child will find all religious answers unacceptable.

    I like to think so anyway.

    Given the statistical remoteness of life occurring at all, it seems to me that in some way the laws of nature presuppose the existence of life, and if this is the case there will be billions of life’s flowering around the observable universe.

    So your pragmatic response was fine. We are all here to help everybody else.

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